Useful Info:


We dont have an inventory of everything you see, rather, we make things to order. If you see something you like and want a price or size or a different color, you can contact us via email, or phone for details and availability.

Time to make your piece depends on season, weather, and other variables. Ususally, I send pictures of the finished work for your approval before you pay, or you can pick it up at one of our shows. Because our art is so reflective, pictures can be so deceptive.

We work with the SQUARE credit card payment system.



We can ship any sculpture that measures 30"x40" or smaller anywhere on the continental US. Shipping to Alaska or hawaii often costs more than the sculpture. Pieces that are larger will need to be boxed and shipped by another business like Mailboxes etc, or a fedex or ups store. We are not close to any shipping services. If you provide a shipping zip code , i can send a shipping quote.


Keeping your sculpture beautiful!

Most of the 3-D sculptures are made from steel.  A few of the larger mountain scenes has some copper and brass as well. The Abstract art panels are on aluminum.

Coloring is achieved with a torch, and/or airbrushing acrylics.

Also, metal is highly reflective and will reflect and refract colors from the surroundings. a well placed spotlight or light source can ad brilliance.

Most of the sculptures are clear coated with an oil-based polyurethane, unless otherwise marked on the back.  The aluminum panels are cleared with rustoleum clear gloss.

They will stay bright and beautiful indoors for many years.


Simply dust with a duster, lint free rag  or cheap clean paintbrush.

If desired, apply  an oil-based cleaner like WD-40 or lemon oil to a rag and then wipe clean.

Sometimes you will see white flaky bits on sculptures recently made, it is part of some residual flux-coating used in brazing.  It is not corrosion. 

Sometimes, the metal gets caught on things and can get bent.  In most cases you can gently bend the sculpture back into shape.

Sometimes the hook on the back of the sculpture does not hang straight on your wall.  The hook can be bent to the left or right to get it to hang straight.   Sometimes parts can get hooked  on things and get pulled off.  JB-weld can be used to re-attach pieces,  or a magnet can be used to attach pieces. 


Some of the sculptures can be used outdoors if they are re-coated periodically with more clear-coat sealer,  which breaks down when exposed to wind, rain and UV.  The more protection from these weathering elements,  (such as under an overhang or in a covered patio), the less you will need to re-coat.  Any sealer like polyurethane clear enamel will work .  You can purchase them in spray cans from the hardware store.  Otherwise, natural weathering will occur.

The fewer layers the sculpture has, the more you can get a good seal on all sides.  The heavily layered mountain scenes are usually not a good choice for outdoor use.

If your piece has already rusted,  it may be possible to grind out a few accents then apply a clear coat over the rust. 

Thank You for purchasing our metal art!

Artist to You LLC